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Kung Fu Hip Hop 2 – Review

July 1, 2010 7 comments

Finally able to see this movie. The storyline was simple but the main focus of this movie was the dancing, there was actually quite a lot of scene of dancing involved here, the kind of dance mainly involved were hip hop and breaking.

In this movie WangZi is called WangZi using his stage name, I guess since it’s his first movie shown in China they wanted people to know him and recognise him. In here WangZi played a role of a genius choreographer in a crew name Encore. He then left the crew because he needed money to cure his mother’s illness so he signed a contract with Mr. Ye who I think some kind of artist agent. Then this dance competition was held, Mr. Ye told WangZi if he able to make the crew win then all the prize money would go to him unfortunately his girlfriend found out the truth that the money will all be split. She told LeTian and LeTian decided to win the competition for WangZi so that he can use the money to cure his mother.

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Kung Fu Hip Hop 2 Ending theme song “DouWu” MV

May 16, 2010 3 comments

uploaded by deliciousgreeny @ Youtube

This is the ending theme song for Kung Fu Hip Hop 2 the name is called “DouWu”. Not much of WangZi (it’s probably the footage in the trailer) in this MV, mainly the guys who sang this song. The song isn’t bad, I quite like it and it suits the movie.

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Kung Fu Hip Hop 2 Trailer

May 9, 2010 6 comments

uploaded by sisiemoon703

Here is the trailer for Kung Fu Hip Hop 2! It is going to be out in China on 10th June! I hope it comes to Singapore tooo (: I am super looking forward to it :D Wangzi is looking real cool! And they did not dubb his voice like how they dubbed Aoquan’s voice for Martial Spirit, so we can all hear Wangzi’s voice! (:

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“Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″ poster

March 2, 2010 4 comments

Credit RenRen

This is “Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″ poster, what do you think?

I think it’s a bit normal, I wonder if that guy in the red pants Berlin. I remember seeing some movie photos where he wore something like that. WangZi is at the corner of the poster but better than nothing.

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WangZi “Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″ official photos 01/15 updated!

January 27, 2010 6 comments

More official photos of WangZi in “Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″. He’s looking great in these over sized sport wear, although I still can’t imagine him being so ghetto and hip hop-ish. I so looking forward to his performance in this movie.

The last two close up photos are stunning!

Credit RenRen

WangZi is wearing his I am Legend concert cap in this movie? He sure plays the role of a promoter in Lollipop.

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New “Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″ official photos

November 21, 2009 1 comment

Photos credit Kung Fu Hip Hop 2 official site

More new photos are out! Although I still can’t imagine WangZi as a hip hop dancer but he’s looking hot in the last photo. I’m so looking forward to this movie.

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“Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″ photos 10/16

October 16, 2009 2 comments

Photos credit

Finally some more photos from the movie “Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″!!! The dancing scenes looks awesome! Gosh I wonder if I should have high expectations, I’m scared that it’s going to be a disappointment like all other dancing movies I’ve seen. Anyways, on the second photo there I thought the guy in the middle with the cap was WangZi at first, then when I saw the fifth photo that guy with the cap looks SO much like MaoDi. I would be really surprise if that’s actually him.

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The injuries filming “Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″, using substitute was needed 10/13

October 14, 2009 10 comments


Source from ent.qq

Lately there’s been netizens discussing the injury stories happened during the filming of “Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″. Aiming at this discussion the producer of this movie admitted as this movie is based on street dance during the filming injuries can happen easily. But also expressed that skilled moves were done by the professionals.

The theme topic for “Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″ is about street dance which combines the current teens fashion, such as hip hop and parkour. The most splendid scenes in this movie are the amazing dance and the dangerous parkour moves.

To film the realistic dance movements the actors/actresses learns the dance. Fellow staff expressed “Street dancing can be easily injured especially break dancing.” It was revealed that the amount of breaking scenes in this movie has caused inner injuries for the actors. From explanation, break dancing is the most easily injured street dance as it needs a lot of power and strengths. In a lot of the moves if you aren’t well balanced you can easily strain yourself. “Injured is normal but actors often film with injuries so that they don’t slow down the filming.”

But “Dangerous moves such as parkour are done by professionals.” From explanation parkour is one extreme sport, moves like jumping one wall to another is just as dangerous as those Jackie Chan’s movies. In the movie there’s a scene where Berlin jumps from one roof to another using parkour moves was filmed with a substitute. The director introduces, usually filming these sort of movies we would firstly find a few professionals to do the moves, then using the editing skills adds in Berlin’s closeup and putting two separate videos together as one.

WangZi is hurt, but I can’t help but to stare at his sexy leg! This movie seem VERY promising, I’m having high expectation to this so I hope it doesn’t disappoint me at all.

“Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″ filming, Lollipop Wang Zi 8/26

August 26, 2009 6 comments

Source from Yule Sohu

The filming of “Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″ has almost come to an end, last week on the press conference the amazing dance has attracted a lot of audiences. Amongst all Wang Zi’s fans was the most eye catching in this press conference even Berlin who’s the main character in this movie admires Wang Zi. First time filming a movie in China Wang Zi expressed his feelings partnering with the actress “It’s a different feel”.

In this movie Wang Zi will be playing as a talented dance choreographer, the dance choreograph in the movie will be choreographed by “Gua Gua”, the character name of Wang Zi’s role. Wang Zi said “This character has a bit betrayal feel in it”. This is the first time Wang Zi has filmed a movie in China, he is supported by a lot of his fans. During the filming place you can see many drinks with Wang Zi’s name tag on it and during the press conference day many presents was given to him. Playing as the main character Berlin expressed “Admiration is gone, he’s really awesome and has a lot of potential. I’m happy to be filming with him because a lot of his fans will visit the filming place and gives us a lot of drinks, bread and etc.” About his fans Wang Zi proudly said “They have accompanied me throughout the time, I want to say, I’m so proud of you, thank you”.

When talking about filming this movie Wang Zi expressed “The feeling of filming with the actress is different from before as before it’s 5 guys together and this is the first time by myself. I’ve discover I can be independent”. About the dance part in the movie Wang Zi consider them as a good practice experience “This movie is young and show off, there’s also great dancers like Berlin Chen, Michael Tse and Gambler. Privately we would learn from each other about dancing related things, although the practice is hard work but it’s worth it when seeing the result”.

“Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″ filming at Ching Dao, Wang Zi and Shi Tian Qi couple 8/26

August 26, 2009 5 comments


Source from Yule Sohu

“Kung Fu Hip Hop 2″ is currently filming at Ching Dao, this movie includes popular stars such as Berlin Chen, Michael Tse, Shi Tian Qi and Wang Zi from Lollipop. China popular youth star Shi Tian Qi will be playing as Hong Xiu, a intelligent girl.

In this movie Shi Tian Qi will be playing as Hong Xiu who is a gentle, caring and intelligent girl. She is Wang Zi’s girlfriend in the movie, they are a sweet couple which many people are jealous of them. The movie will start off with Wang Zi and Shi Tian Qi leaving Berlin’s crew ENCORE and forming their own crew. The movie will also be base on love hatred relationship, parting and together stories, betrayal which forms the new generation love point of view. In the movie Wang Zi and Shi Tian Qi relationship will also play an important part in this movie.


Finally you’re without the hat! Looking good with that jacket ♥ ♥ ♥ The girl is alright, hoping to see how “sweet” they are in the movie which makes people jealous of them! Here’s two more photos of Wang Zi filming the movie [1] [2] If Wang Zi is correct, then this movie should be up at cinema during Christmas this year.


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