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Hey! Due to work commitments and all sorts of other commitments I probably won’t be able to continue updating this space. I’ll just be leaving it here for those who want to look at older posts and stuff. Meanwhile, if there is anybody who would like to take over please do let me know. Thanks! (:

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Ti Amo Chocolate Episodes 45-49

Episode 45

Episode 46

Episode 47

Episode 48

Episode 49

Enjoy! Anyway, because WangZi is busy with JPM’s new album he wouldn’t be continuing Ti Amo Chocolate anymore so I probably won’t continue posting the episodes.

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Ti Amo Chocolate Ep37-44

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0529 Lollipop F visits Korea for the 4th time in 2 years, reminisces the times they “co-habitated”

taken from goldtyphoon

Lollipop F’s charm has been increasing, and they have visited Korea 4 times in 2 years. Following their role as ambassadors for Jeju-do in 2010, and being invited on STAR KING in 2011, they were invited to the Korean Expo last weekend (25th May), being the only Taiwanese group that got invited. The local media compared their Love Love Dance with KARA’s Butt Dance and HyunA’s sexy dance, praising Lollipop F’s dance skills as the pride of C-pop.

On the day of the event, Lollipop F also went to visit the exhibits about green energy and marine technology. When they visited the exhibit about robots, they were all excited about the improvement in modern technology, especially when they saw the exhibit of a female robot. AoQuan expressed he would want a male robot. “My mum would be jealous. Her wish is to be my girlfriend in her next life. I already promised her during Mothers’ Day this year!” AhWei said “It’d be good to have someone preparing meals for you. I’d clean the robot everyday just in case it malfunctions when it’s cooking!” WeiLian then teased AhWei saying “Your muscles are so big, I think you are already a robot!” XiaoYu is hoping to see a robot which you can bring around. “This way, next time when we go overseas for work we can just bring the robot around. The company would be able to save a huge sum of money!” They were also really excited to see a robot dancing to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and they also played soccer with a robot. AhWei said “Previously we have seen it on the news but it’s still really exciting seeing the robot perform in real life! Maybe next time everyone would just wear an armor suit like Iron Man and we won’t have to work out anymore”

That night, Lollipop F also stood on the stage of the Korea Expo, and performed Love Conquest and DANCE. The crowd of more than 20000 people screamed when they did the Love Love DANCE. At the end of the event, the organizers specially arranged for Lollipop F to meet MBLAQ back at the hotel. They two groups promised to take care of each other next time.

During this trip to Korea, the boys were all excited when they saw the hotel room. The rooms were really huge. Each room had 4 beds and 2 bathrooms, and a living room, dining room and a balcony. Initially it was arranged for 2 members to share one room, but the 4 boys decided to relive the feeling of staying together, leaving the other room to their co-workers. WeiLian said “The room is really huge. The 4 of us have been staying separately for 2 years, so we decided to relive the feeling of “cohabitation”.  They played pillow fights and just rolled around the bed and reminisced about the past when they were staying together. XiaoYu said “I remember when we were staying together, we all had our own habits. We would often get into disagreements over cleanliness but AoQuan would always be the first to step out and manage the mess!” AhWei said “Whenever someone locks himself in the room, we’ll drag him out to talk and share about their troubles.” However, after 1 hour, the 4 of them decided that it’d be better for them to stay separately! It’s because the boys couldn’t change their habits and the room was in a mess. AoQuan said “We were just talking and unpacking our luggages, and then the room just exploded, so we decided it’d be better to stay separately.”

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Ti Amo Chocolate Ep 34-36

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Ti Amo Chocolate Ep 30-33

Episode 30

Episode 31

Episode 32

Episode 33

Sorry I’ve been working the past few days so not much time to update.

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Fanvids of LPF at GuangZhou Run Night


Love Conquest

AhWei doing push-ups

XiaoYu sings HaiYaoYiQiChong

Chong Xin Ai



Bu Yao Jiu Bu Yao

I think this event is about people running at night and being without stress. The part where XiaoYu sang one line of Hai Yao Yi Qi Chong was really cute because AoQuan wanted to give him a tempo and started trying to “beatbox” but it was just so weird and WeiLian looked so embarrassed haha.

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