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XiaoJie was dragged up on stage by “Fuerzabruta” 01/30

Source from udn news

America New York famous drama crew “Fuerzabruta” first time performing in Asia. Recently it became a hot topic and last night it attracted artists like ChenQiZhen, XuHuiXin, HeiRen, MaiYi and etc.

“Fuerzabruta’s” creativity and their unique way of performing were heard by a lot of artists. HeiRen along with Lollipop XiaoJie, Hey Girl, Circus and A Legend Star artists came to enjoy the performance. HeiRen said “As a lot of people is pressured and stressed so this is suitable for relaxing.” Apple who is watching for the second time warned everyone to stick close to the middle seats. During the dance performance part XiaoJie, Hey Girl was dragged up on the stage and they all had lots of fun together.

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  1. LuvXiaoJie
    January 31, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    Haha, Xiao Jie Apple and Xiao Jie look like they are having an amazing time!
    And before they went in to watch, they were discussing how the audience gets pulled up onto stage!

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