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Two dads take turns in taking care of their daughter Lolly 02/06

Source from Chinatimes

Lollipop AoQuan and XiaoJie brought Lolly last year during May, the two dads treat their daughter really well but until recently XiaoJie and WangZi has moved out. Poor Lolly is like a child from a divorced family, where she’s taking turns in living with each dad.

XiaoJie loves dogs when he was young, when he and AoQuan saw Lolly who looks silly they planned to buy Lolly with WangZi. But that night WangZi who is afraid of dogs dreamt of Lolly biting him and the next day he said “I’m not paying, I’m afraid of dogs.”

Most of the time XiaoJie takes care of Lolly, when he moved out he also brought Lolly with him. At the moment the two dads take turns in taking care of it, they did not say how long they can take care of each time, if they want they can just take Lolly home. Lolly now is used to being taken care by two dads and four uncles and is used to having two homes. WangZi has now cured his dog phobia by living with Lolly for awhile.

4th February was Lolly’s 1 year old birthday, Lollipop celebrated her birthday together. XiaoJie brought Lolly to get her microchip ID, ID’s name owner is XiaoJie’s name as he took care of Lolly most of the time.

Lolly is like famous now, on the way of becoming an idol dog! So WangZi were meant to be a dad as well but he backed out because he had a nightmare that Lolly bit him, that’s cute.

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  1. kirsten
    February 6, 2010 at 9:01 am

    wow! lolly sure is a lucky dog~

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