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100M Student 2010-02-05

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (uploaded by arTInGLP @ Youtube)

Finally someone uploaded this on Youtube. The 4 members of Lollipop came on 100M Student for the second time, this time they are there to promote their concert photo book.

The 4 of them took turns to answer two questions at a time. First group WeiLian and AWei answered both question correctly with the help of the kid on the second question. AoQuan was funny with his first kiss story which was mention in one of the news article I translated. They both answered two questions correctly with the help of the little girl in the first question.

The English speaking is cute from WeiLian and AoQuan really likes the little girl, the little girl was blushing. Funny how all of them don’t dare to pick maths, if WangZi was there I’m sure he’ll be a great help. AoQuan’s catwalk was really random and hilarious. On the 6th question they have used all their helping cards. So afterward 4 of them started answering the question together. They managed to get to the 8th question but failed to answer it correctly.

This time they did better than last time with the 6 of them.

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