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Genius Go Go Go! 2010-02-13 (Lollipop Part)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 (uploaded by abcxyz261 @ Youtube)

I was really looking forward to this because of Lollipop and ZhangYunJing together on the show but I guess I had really high expectation and now that I’ve seen it I’m a little disappointed. The only reason is probably because there’s too many guests and each person had so little screen shots, I should have expected that since there were so many guests.

The Gold Typhoon group VS the Super Random group (okay their name isn’t Super Random I just made it up), it’s great to see the Gold Typhoon artists together on show. But I love to see more interaction with them.

First part they played the game where the last word of the phrase has to be first word of the next phrase. AoQuan’s part was hilarious like what we’ve seen in the preview, he started “attacking” the other challenger with the phrases and was told by the hosts not to do that because it’s Chinese New Year. Everyone started laughing but AoQuan’s face was priceless, he was like “Did I do something wrong?” In the end the other group won as AoQuan said another slang phrase.

The next game was where they say a phrase and the person has to say “You ____ it” and the order goes by You, Me, Him. AWei was really good and the Gold Typhoon group didn’t even get up to the third player and they won.

The next game was the using clay to make the selected object, I find that game not to funny and hilarious I guess it’s because it takes longer time to finish one round of game. First round was pretty easy which was turnips. It was going really good until XiaoJie’s turn which he completely made it into a submarine, I don’t know how he thought of that. So they didn’t guess it right at the end. Second round was a lolly, Cindi Wong started it off again as she seem to be good at it and this time everyone got it correct. Third round was slightly harder it was the fortune cat, AoQuan started it off after that phrase game all the hosts started to doubt AoQuan but nevertheless he did a good job here and everyone got it correct.

Gold Typhoon group lost with only guessed two correct while the other group got all correct.

It wasn’t as what I expected but it was entertaining to watch.

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