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100% Entertainment 2010-02-19

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (uploaded by sugoishow2010 @ Youtube)

I didn’t do much updates recently due to my laziness but I promise I’ll catch up back on the news.

Anyways Lollipop on 100% Entertainment this full it’s a full episode! I like WangZi’s hairstyle and XiaoJie’s hairstyle is a bit weird for myself. This is the Chinese New Year episode, they are split into two teams one called “HuLan” and the other one called “LanHu”.

First segment they played the game where they answer questions from the video. AoQuan acting as Avatar’s main lead was hilarious and WeiLian dancing to SHINee’s AMIGO which turned out to be an imitation of another artist was so funny.

Second segment they played with the die where they had to stack in the order that was told.

Third segment was calling the number until the busted number, AoQuan was hilarious with his acting.

Last game was the poker game and XiaoYu lost with only a pair 9 while WangZi won with a pair K.

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