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Genius Go Go Go! 2010-02-20

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 (uploaded by liltammy0607 @ Youtube)

Yay! They are on this show again, love the tempo they play on this show. But they didn’t play the tempo game this time but instead the game where they have to guess the song name according to the actions done by another person. It was rather since the actions done are not according to the song name but lyric of the song.

AoQuan was the 2nd one to do the actions, his song was “AiDeZhuDaGe” by Elva Hsiao. I bet it’s really funny if the video is on mute and all you see is AoQuan moving around. But thanks to his “ZhuGeLiang” action which was the key point for them to guess it correctly on the first go. The fourth guy was really good and funny. WeiLian is the fifth one, the song he got was “BuDeBuAi” by Wilber Pan. The “BuDeBuAi” was a give away to guessing the song but the other parts, WeiLian’s action was a little slow and kind of a mess. BaiYun turn was a mess, its funny how during the English part he was all mess up because he doesn’t understands it. But the song was really hard to act, it was “ZhongJieGuDan” by Mayday. AWei was the last one but BaiYun couldn’t transfer the lyric properly so they lost.

Next game it’s changed to the other 3 Lollipop members to play. This time they played the game where each of them has to sing a song where the lyric is related to the topic. Just then I was wondering why Lollipop never gets to play this game and now they are, I want them to play this because therefore I can hear them sing without music. The topic is medical actions related. Sometimes it’s quite annoying how everyone sing 1 or 2 songs before their actual one. They made it all the way at the end but XiaoYu sang the same song as BaiYun so in the end they failed.

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