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Big Brother Variety Show 2010-02-20

Part 1 Part 2 (uploaded by arTInGLP @ Youtube)

With English subs – Part 1 Part 2 (uploaded by deliciousgreeny @ Youtube)

Lollipop is only on one part of this show, I wonder why XiaoYu is the only again who wore jeans. So the backstage video of them marching is for this show, so cute. AoQuan kept doing it wrongly was so cute! After the 5-6 minutes marching they started promoting their single+photo book. Afterward they continue their dance tour (before how they were dancing for each shows they went on and alter it according to the hosts) well they said this will be their last one. Not one of my favorite one but at least the other members have participated in it more and the last part where XiaoYu hit WeiLian with the bike was hilarious.

Edit// I subbed this video last night, it’s not really that good but at least it helps with the understanding.

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