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Random short videos update 02/28

Time to update on the short videos that I have been missing out on.

Lollipop congratulate XiaoZhu’s new album 03/01

Lollipop congratulating XiaoZhu’s new album. There go XiaoYu and his lame jokes again but that’s XiaoYu.

AoQuan and AWei beatbox on the street

This was uploaded on AoQuan’s FB page, AWei beatboxing while AoQuan does the cat scream. It was so hilarious at the end the cat got scared.

Magic AWei at Tokyo Tower

This was another video on AoQuan’s FB page. Magic Wei is here again showing off his “magic”.

Lollipop at French restaurant 02/28

Lollipop eating at a French restaurant, the boys are so happy. AWei and WeiLian singing an Italian song instead of a French song, it was hilarious how they both wiped their face. The French conversation between AoQuan and AWei was cute “I love you” “Awesome!”.

Image representative for a charity event 02/25 [1] [2] [3] [4]

Lollipop participated in this charity event with a bunch of kids. Later on the focus was on HeiRen proposed to Fanfan. Lollipop was all surprise and blessing them. AWei mention the American guy who kept shouting “OMG! OMG!” which caught his attention.

WangZi teaching little kids 02/24

WangZi volunteer teaching little kids, they all draw their idea of  a prince.

Sina’s trailer of “Martial Spirit”

Another short trailer of “Martial Spirit”. It looks pretty interesting so I hope the storyline is great.

Chinese New Year greeting videos [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Lollipop greeting us wishing everyone has a great Tiger year! There’s two individual of XiaoJie and WangZi greeting the Baidu fans.

News on single + photobook promotion event [1] [2] [3]

Just news video clips of Lollipop during their promotion events.

Facebook videos [1] [2]

First video from Gold Typhoon Facebook and second one from ZhangYunJing Facebook. First was about AoQuan’s marching, the same leg same arm thing that was mention in Big Brother Variety Show. Second had a bit of AWei, was about to teach the Super Idols MJ’s dance but end up calling AoQuan instead.

That’s all for now, will upload more later!

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