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AoQuan tough martial art training: I thought of quitting 03/12

Credit XinMin.cn

AoQuan and DaZhangWei new movie “Martial Spirit” has finally released.

“That time I really want to quit the entertainment circle.” This is what AoQuan thought when he was still filming “Martial Spirit”. Yesterday “Martial Spirit” has held its conference at ShenZhen, this is AoQuan’s first movie also first time filming an action movie. Although WuJing was his teacher but the training was tough which made him want to cry and thought of quitting the entertainment circle. DaZhangWei from The Flowers acted as an comedy character, using his mouthful Beijing’s accent and smooth talk. But he commented that he did not act as well as what he thought “A lot that I want to act I did not act out.”

From director to actors “Martial Spirit” consists of new people and the way its filmed is inexperience. Yesterday at the conference when asked Paco Wong why they filmed this movie, he jokingly replied because he can’t afford to invite super stars and this is also a chance to give new people chances. AoQuan has develop a big interest in martial art, he said amongst the martial art stars Jet Li is strong, Donnie Yen is handsome, Jackie Chen is humorous and WuJing is ruthless but he most want to be like Donnie Yen fighting handsomely.

During the conference DaZhangWei complimented Theresa Fu is like a married women, when asked if he would continue acting he said his biggest goal is to have a handsome son “It would be great if he’s handsome like AoQuan, little girls would scream as if they got hit by a car.” This made AoQuan laughed silently.

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