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“Martial Spirit” showing in cinema, how dancer become a martial artist? 03/13

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Hip hop action movie “Martial Spirit” was released in cinemas yesterday, as the new generation dancer filming a martial art movie, AoQuan and AWei have been through a lot of tough training and honored becoming Jet Li’s junior.

When asked how a dancer became a martial art expert AoQuan expressed that he was not really interested in action movie so he was worried if he could act out this character. In this movie “Martial Spirit” his biggest motivation was because of AWei’s support. AWei loved action movie since young, his collection of action movies almost over 1000. He would drag AoQuan to study with him after 2 months both of them have seen almost 130 martial art movies. During the filming of “Martial Spirit” AoQuan and AWei arrived at Beijing a month before hand for training, their instructor was martial art star WuJing. Because of traffic jam they were late on their first day of training and they were punished to run 5 kilometers. AoQuan said practice martial art is more scary than practice dancing. In one day they would practice kicking 1000 and this is included the most easiest in the training process. Within 20 days they have used a big bottle of NanBai medicine and HongHua oil.

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