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AoQuan Facebook videos update 03/16

2 new videos AoQuan has uploaded on his Facebook page.

This was filmed long ago according to what AoQuan wrote but its totally cool. WangZi playing basketball, as we have heard that WangZi thinks Rukawa Kaede from Slam Dunk is really cool doesn’t WangZi resemble a bit of Rukawa here? This is the first time we see WangZi’s basketball skills (although we all know it was edited). He looks totally HOT with his hair all messed and damp. If there’s a Hot Shot 2 he would totally fit for a role. But AoQuan’s amazing editing skills are unbelievable! AoQuan is really talented and hopefully one day we’ll be able to see a movie that is directed by AoQuan.

Who can forget this performance? I don’t think anyone can because it’s one of Lollipop’s best performance on MFBBT. This is the no special effects version. It’s still cool even though without all the effects and looks more hilarious. I missed those laugther from Fanfan, she was laughing so loud and all the staffs crew was cracking up. The good old times~~~

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  1. cawaiixia
    March 16, 2010 at 11:44 am

    i love this (:

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