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WangZi release his own personal postage stamps 04/01

Source from Baidu News

Yesterday a news headline “Lollipop WangZi’s birthday will release his own postage stamp for the fans” has became the hot topic. Many netizens thought how can WangZi who has very little experiences be paired with international stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Li who has released their own postage stamps. This made the fans doubted whether if this was true or not. Yesterday a reporter clarified from WangZi’s managing company “Asian Stars” that China postage service have approved WangZi’s personal release of postage stamps. In these two days the company has turned into fans’ help line, other than confirming whether it’s true or not many fans also speaking out their own ideas of the design.

The managing company expressed the main two questions that fans focus on is whether this news is true or false and when is the release date. The managing company and the design department have been speeding up their work hopefully it will release as soon as possible. WangZi also wishes to be release on his birthday. The photos that will be used for the postage stamps, WangZi have shared a lot of his personal photos to the designers and new images has been arranged for filming making sure all the fans will be surprise when they receive the postage stamps.

This news suddenly popped up yesterday even I doubted it but WangZi has replied on fans’ Woo forum that it’s true and with this news saying it’s true there’s one thing for the WangZi fans to look forward to! New image? Maybe that’s one reason why he went to dyed his hair.

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  1. cawaiixia
    April 2, 2010 at 2:24 am

    so can we purchase the stamps?

    • April 2, 2010 at 3:44 am

      I’m not really sure, need to wait for more news about the stamps.

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