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WretchMStyle 2010-04-08

uploaded by sisiemoon703 @ Youtube

XiaoJie’s turn to be on the show, XiaoJie is the most daring one to try out new style within Lollipop. He mention that he tried lots of style and probably want to try the androgynous style.

When XiaoKai was commenting on Ricky’s clothing, I agree what he said. He said that the biggest problem most people have is they wear nice looking clothes but they don’t they don’t have the attitude to extend the good looks of the clothing (hope you know what I mean here).

XiaoJie’s clothing, the top half somehow reminds me of Big Bang style. But when I saw the whole thing, it doesn’t. So the androgynous style is going to be a trend for the boys, so I guess we’ll see lots of metro-sexual boys!

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  1. LuvXiaoJie
    April 8, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Love Life :

    Wang Zi and Mao Di :

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