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The brithday boy, WangZi received a kiss & hickey 04/14

Source from udn

Popular idol boyband Lollipop member WangZi has turned 21 years old, his younger brother MaoDi and Lollipop member XiaoJie came to celebrate with him. During the celebration party WangZi drove his expensive birthday present car which is worth more than 1 million with MaoDi and XiaoJie sitting inside. WangZi happily said “This is the first car I ever brought! This is so cool!”

WangZi debuted 3 years ago, he has saved some money from albums, dramas, concert, commercials and etc. He decided on his 21st birthday to purchase a big present for his mother. WangZi expressed as his mother often misses them she would ignore the pain on her leg and drove to Taipei to see them so WangZi wanted to buy a better car for his mother.

WangZi, XiaoJie, and MaoDi lived together their friendship are like bubblegum, after singing the birthday song the three of them started playing the kissing game. WangZi at first declined but ignoring WangZi’s decline MaoDi forced a kiss on his brother’s cheek. Although MaoDi thought it was weird after kissing his brother but thought this would show their brotherly friendship. Seeing MaoDi like that XiaoJie placed a kiss on WangZi’s neck giving him a birthday hickey. XiaoJie laughed “Who do I have to prove with WangZi? To the fans, proves that our friendship are really good.”

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