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QuiShengYi who chases after being the perfectionist 04/16

Source from ifeng

He is Taiwanese boyband Lollipop youngest member, he is the popular idol who holds “10 thousands solider”, he is favored by lots of girls, he is the one who carries out noble, graceful disposition aries WangZi – QuiShengYi.

Star sign of aries are brave and direct, most importantly are confident which WangZi QuiShengYi have in common. No matter in filming movies, dramas or TV shows WangZi will always say what he wants, no need to talk around because he is showing what he’s capable of. When fans visited WangZi during “WuLinXiaoZhuan” filming, once WangZi finished filming a scene he would look back and immediately say “Handsome!” This made lots of people laugh. Such a frank self praised was not dislike by everyone and was not like a silly speaking manner it’s the superiority of the aries, it’s the cuteness of WangZi’s perfectionist.

Other than a singer, actor, host, QiuShengYi is also a student. Since he’s a perfectionist so everything he faces he will do his best, not only wanting the winning result but the process will also need to be pretty. Aries has such a wide interests and not only be narrow to one thing. With a clever mind QuiShengYi obviously is a outstanding all rounder artist. At school
his grades are outstanding, humble and well manners. Also composed and wrote many songs for Lollipop’s album such as “DuiBuQi”, “ShuoShuo”, in variety shows he performs pretty good reflexes. For example being the assistant host in “WoAiHeiSeiHui”, a didi in “WoAiBangBangTang”, in dramas and movies also leaves a deep impression to the audiences like “They Kiss Again” as Nobu and “HTQXZ” as LingHuCong.

If you took notice of QuiShengYi from the very start you will see he changed a lot and matured a lot. From when he used to speak less not much of a performer until now he speaks a lot, smiling a lot and improve a lot in singing, these changes are because QuiShengYi is a perfectionist. He not only want to show everyone that he has a pretty good success but also want to show he’s an all rounder charming artist. With the aries strong willpower, QuiShengYi is working hard heading toward his goal.

The perfect noble WangZi obviously need a pretty and elegant princess to be paired with. There are a few artists who had a scandal with QuiShengYi and it’s all from Hey Girl such as YaTou, XiaoXun but outsiders favourite is GuiGui. Fans will even find little interactions of WangZi and GuiGui which give hints of them liking each other. Like during variety shows WangZi will frequently mention GuiGui and when WangZi is with GuiGui he would look more lively.  But of course these are merely fans’ own bias feelings. Only QuiShengYi knows who his princess is, maybe his princess have already appeared or maybe he’s still waiting but no matter what we believe WangZi will find his perfect princess.

Indeed WangZi is a perfectionist, funny thing about the reporter who wrote this article he/she put Danson Tang’s photo instead.

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