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AoQuan finally got his driving license 04/16

Source from libertytimes

Lollipop members have really good friendship, the members often teases each other. Although AoQuan is the oldest but he doesn’t have a car nor a license, other members kept teasing him and finally he stirred up and took the examination.

After signing under different managers, the four “Gold Bang” AoQuan, XiaoYu, WeiLian and AWei friendship have tighten. Their friendship increases by teasing one another and AoQuan who is the oldest and most temperament was always being teased by them.

All the other members already have a car and license but AoQuan who wants to spend less money was always being teased “Only will talk but no actions, not brave at all!” This made AoQuan promise to purchase a car before June, if he did each member will support $1000 to him. This made AoQuan decide to get his license first but the others continued to tease him saying “He wouldn’t pass”.

For the first half of the exam was a written exam which AoQuan scored 97 marks and the second half will be test driving. Although XiaoYu, WeiLian and AWei always teases AoQuan but on the examination day they all company him which gave AoQuan more pressure. The first stage was to driving on a slop, the car went backward which scared the other members. He was also thinking “This is it, they would laugh at me if I don’t pass.” Good thing he calmed down, he passed the other stages and smoothly gotten his license.

AoQuan finally wiped out his humiliation, other members immediately shouted “Impossible!” and did a unimaginable facial expression which made AoQuan angry and laugh. WeiLian also warned AoQuan “When you buy a car remember to buy full insurance.” Meaning that his skills are bad, AoQuan replied in a suffering expression “They are the most shabby friends.”

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