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AoQuan and AhWei recent Wretch updates

Diapers here! I’ll be working on AoQuan, AhWei and XiaoYu’s FB and Wretch messages. Sorry for delaying the FB updates because FB isn’t working on my computer currently. I’ll get them up by friday! Meanwhile, here’re AoQuan and AhWei’s recent Wretch updates, both MaZu related.

AoQuan’s Wretch Post – April 15 2010

“Date with MaZu”
Today’s MaZu performance was ok, except for the fact that it was raining and that made the floor slippery.
It was almost as slippery as slippery egg beef noodles.
Also went to the temple to pray.
I even greeted my “Yuan Shen Shun Feng Er” big brother.
Haven’t performed in a long time, the feeling is good.

Go Lollipop, we can do it.

AhWei’s Wretch post – April 18 2010

“MaZu bless us”
Praying for everything Lollipop does to be a success, for good health and to earn lots of money.
Praying for my family and friends to safe and successful and earn money.
Praying for no natural disasters to happen and for everyone to lead their lives happily.
Praying for all my co-workers to lose to me in mahjong so that I can win more money.
Praying for my family to live happily forever.
Lastly, for my fans to be always happy and healthy.

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