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News videos of Show Luo’s concert at Hong Kong 05/02

Here are more news videos of them at XiaoZhu’s concert. (:

In this clip, they responded to XiaoZhu saying that they were playing poker cards backstage! Haha it’s awesome to see their interaction and i still want to laugh at XiaoJie for losing so much money.

uploaded by cpscar @ youtube

uploaded by xoxo1116 @ youtube

This is the clip we are all waiting for 😀 they said that there would be some more opportunities to work together, though it is true that their contract with gold-typhoon ended. The renewal of contract is still in discussion (:

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  1. May 4, 2010 at 10:59 am

    1st video talks about how Show invited Lollipop as guests to his concert and even imitated Jolin’s dance (which was hilarious). He’s had three concerts in HK for a year, this being his last one there and his fans are gonna miss him alot so they don’t waste the opportunity and even stayed back when the concert ended. Since he chose HK, he won’t let the fans down. He’s used every effort to make the concert and the fans lively. 2 years ago, Show got Lollipop as his concert guests in HK, and this time, the 6 got to work with him again..however..they should’ve been well prepared back-stage, who knew…(the poker thing)

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