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WeiLian new store grand open, Lollipop as guests for opening ceremony 05/14

Source from Sina news

Taiwanese popular idol group Lollipop, even though they aren’t in the same company anymore but it did not affect their brotherly friendship between each other. Member WeiLian has officially became a boss of a store “Double Double Salty Crispy Chicken” at his native place TaiZhong, his “brothers” was there to cut the ribbons for the opening ceremony.

WeiLian has invited his “brothers” to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony, his mother and sister was also there, the place was very lively. AWei and AoQuan especially came a day before the opening day to test the food, AWei who is not a favorite of fried food has complimented that the new store has good qualities, and constantly promoting it online. He said laughingly “WeiLian who is scared of chicken legs the most has opened a salty chicken store.”

More than a year ago WeiLian’s father has passed away leaving WeiLian the only to support the family, the money he earned was all cautiously put in investment and finally he was able to open his own store his whole family was happy for him. WeiLian said “The new store is called Double Double is to hope that everyone who visit our store comes as couple, to let people feel the happiness.” Amongst Lollipop only WangZi was absent due to a schedule he has in China.

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