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AWei admits he has poor skills in basketball 05/23

Source from on.cc news

AWei from Lollipop participated in the “Panasonic Student Basketball Competition 2010”. Reporters asked whether if a guy is attractive to girls if they know how to play basketball, AWei replying that he doesn’t know how to play basketball so he’s not much attractive. ZhaoShiZeng who is playing on the court still has his skills, his performance were pretty good. ZhaoShiZeng revealed that he usually plays golf and swim to keep his body healthy. Compare to the young teen Deep Ng who injured his leg awhile ago so he couldn’t exercise for a period of time was said that he gained weight.

AWei surrounded by female fans.

Lollipop AWei letting fans take photos of him holding the trophy.

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  1. onlyale95
    May 26, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    A Wei, you’re wrong! You are attractive even without the basketball skills, because you have other skills, like playing the piano, Break dancing, being funny!!! <3<3 *end of fangirl comment XD*

    In the second photo is funny XDXD

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