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WangZi and MaoDi at Football Restaurant

uploaded by sisiemoon703 @youtube 

For the promotion of The Swordman Dream and due to the World Cup, WangZi and MaoDi went to some football restaurant in BeiJing. WangZi and MaoDi had to guess what the different dishes were made of. They also played a game with the staff there, where 2 of the staff had to remember the profiles of both of them and answer questions, while the other one would have to make sure the soccer ball doesn’t touch the floor. I really like seeing the 2 brothers together (: The video isn’t very in sync and I was quite eeked at the fact that they wrote Choc7 for ZongYiKa.

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  1. Kyandee
    June 15, 2010 at 3:33 am

    omg!!!! i was just seeing the video (and unfortunately i don’t understand zhongwen) ..son i was watching it and i heared that he talked about Messi and showed a picture of him and kind of imitated him… i just got excited ’cause at least he knows who he is 🙂 and he is a great football player from my country. anyways, i hope to find this subbed someday 🙂

    thanks for the info!

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