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Lollipop maintains 4+2 format 06/22

Since choco-late has been busy with her exams, I just thought I could help out a little in the other areas. Hope you don’t mind! (:

source from xinmin

On HuaYu’s 6th anniversary celebration, artistes like Lollipop, Mark Chao, Mike He and ZhangYunJing won the 10th most popular Asian artistes award. For Lollipop, only AoQuan, XiaoYu, AhWei and WeiLian were present. They expressed that this was the company’s arrangement, and were not too sure about the other 2’s jobs.

WangZi and AoQuan have been filming many movies, and there were rumours that they were going solo. In response to this, AoQuan said “Actually, we don’t have to worry about splitting. The 4+2 format has been ongoing for quite some time, but when we sing we’ll still be together. It’s just that we are in different companies and so there will be difference in the style and route which we’ll follow. And some jobs might only need one or two characters, so the company will pick the most suitable candidate to go for the job.”

Recently, AoQuan acted as SunWuKong in a show with ChenQiaoEn. AoQuan laughed and said that he was acting as a SunWuKong who is not like the norm, “Naughty, stingy, and money-loving. It’s like how I am in real life. I was very playful when I was young, and my mum would call me monkey.” For the show, AoQuan cut a special fringe, and he said “Surprisingly, the crew liked it, and said it really looked like (SunWuKong), and I didn’t have to wear a wig.”

It is coincidentally Fathers’ Day in China when they came, and the 4 did not prepare any Fathers’ Day presents, but WeiLian said that he’s quite shy at home, and would not directly express (his love). “My father likes to make tea. Once during Fathers’ Day, I bought a teacup, but i did not dare to give it to him, until some day, the teacup at home spoilt. Only then did I take out the teacup I bought, and told my father that it was supposed to be his Fathers’ Day present.” On the other hand, AhWei seldoms communicate with his father, and he says that during Fathers’ Day he will try his best to say more than 3 lines to his father.

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