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AoQuan sticks to QiaoEn, hopes to become famous 06/25

source from yahoo

Lollipop’s AoQuan and QiaoEn filmed the movie ChunGuangCanLanZhuJiuMei in KunShan, China. AoQuan has long heard about QiaoEn bringing fortune to males, and those males who have acted with QiaoEn became very famous. So AoQuan sticks to QiaoEn in and out of the movie. He seeks help from QiaoEn regarding the script, and says “Reading simplified chinese characters are very tiring, it’s fastest to ask her straight away”. She also thought him “Taiwanese acting”, and they an impromptu “skit”. She praised him, saying he was very smart, and the only problem is that he couldn’t cry, no matter how many times she taught him.

QiaoEn is like a tap. As long as someone taps her on her shoulder and tells her something sentimental, she would cry. But AoQuan is born a very high person. He tried using medicated oil and also triied to induce vomit to make himself tear, but both methods couldn’t work. He said “crying is my weakest point”. In the end, he had to think about home before his eyes finally turned red. He said “it’s hard working at a foreign land, everytime my family calls, i’d be overwhelmed. So I used the trick of thinking of my mum!”

There was a scene which he has to ride on a horse. Before that he acted strong and said “no problem!” But when it came to the actual thing, the director wanted him to hold on to the reign on one hand, and use to whip on the other. He felt weak just hearing that. Before the actual filming, AoQuan spent 3 hours stroking the horse, and talking to it. However, the horse did not bother about him, and when he used the whip to hit the horse, the horse suddenly started running very fast and AoQuan got a shock, but had to look impressive. After that he said it hurt below, and said “this kind of “shock” is too intense, I really admire Genghis Khan!”

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