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0720 Lollipop sells Love Tee, almost hurts “Little lollipop”

taken from udn

Lollipop, who is going to release their latest album with 4 people, were ambassadors for YiXunJiJinHui’s “Yes I Can Love Tee”. WeiLian pulled along his sister to do charity, AoQuan sacrificed his sleep, while XiaoYu nearly hurt himself at the sensitive area.

Lollipop has been in closure recently. Yesterday morning, they took the train down to KaoShiong for the press conference. AoQuan, XiaoYu, AhWei and WeiLian wore the Love Tee and acted as goalkeepers, PK-ing with 4 small children. Thinking that the opponents are small kids, the 4 adults were too complacent, and within 3 seconds, XiaoYu’s sensitive area got hit by the ball. He fell on the floor, scaring AoQuan, AhWei and WeiLian, who immediately covered their sensitive areas!

AoQuan said “If I’d known, I wouldn’t have stayed up late into the night to work. It’s very hard to concentrate like that.” Actually he had been in NeiHu filming all the way till 5a.m. After he went home to shower and change, he immediately had to leave for KaoShiong with the rest. After a whole day of work, he would have to rush back to TaiPei at night  for work.

Fortunately, there was a pretty girl to keep them awake! WeiLian’s sister, Mango, who is studying in WenHua University, year2, had been in about 10 advertisements. Sometimes she would help her brother in his fried chicken shop, and would attract many people. This time, WeiLian pulled her along to do charity work, making the picture look better. WeiLian said “Don’t think she’s a star just because she is in a few advertisements! I hope she will work on her performing skills.” But of course, this good brother gave a TIFFANY necklace to his sister for her 20th birthday!

During the 88Water crisis, Lollipop also managed to raise up to 5million NTD to donate to Taiwan. Last week, WeiLian also donated $8888 to the Taiwan Homosexual society. He said “I heard that the homosexuals thought it was a prank when they heard my name.” Lollipop encourages fans to buy the T-shirt in aid of children who are not as fortunate.

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  1. Mah
    July 20, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    The very first line,
    ” Lollipop, who is going to release their latest album with 4 people ……….”

    …. does that mean what i think it means? :O 😥

    • dreamerlorry
      July 21, 2010 at 7:49 am

      welll i guess…but it isn’t official news so well.
      but i think that this time it’ll really be just the 4 of them cause from what i know, andy-ge hasnt gotten a record contract for xiaojie and wangzi yet. so it isnt really possible for them to join in this album…

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