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0729 WeiLian on KangXiLaiLe

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WeiLian went onto KangXiLaiLe to promote his Fried Chicken Stall. He was really very cute. As in like he looked so blur and tired, and Xiao S kept laughing at him and saying he’s old. But because of that he made quite some jokes like when they asked XiaoMan about her and XiaoYu, WeiLian went like “Why doesn’t anyone ask me?” And they kept commenting that it was very hard to catch WeiLian’s tempo and that he has become weirder and weirder x) And WeiLian really slimmed down quite a bit!

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  1. Angel
    August 11, 2010 at 3:21 am

    Love this episodes! Weilian still so funny as always…hahaa..he matures alot! And slimmed down as well..other than that, i couldnt believe Xiao Man did tell the story of Xiao Yu and her..

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