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0809 Lollipop water fights at GuangZhou

taken from 21cn


Lollipop, being the host of HuaYu’s “KKBox YinYueHuLian”, came to GuangZhou ChangLong Water theme park to interact with fans.

Not split with Wangzi, XiaoJie

Different from the past when they appeared as 6, this time Lollipop only had 4 people present. Inevitably, this resulted in plenty of rumours of them being on bad terms. AhWei clarified this, saying “Because we are under a different managing company as WangZi and XiaoJie, a lot of our work is split. However on saturday we appeared together at HongKong’s XinCheng Radio Station’s event. We still keep in contact with each other and will go out to play once in a while. Reently, we even went to play bowling together.” 

AoQuan admires JackyWu

When asked who their most admired host was, the 4 gave different answers. AoQuan admires JackyWu, WeiLian likes ShenChunHua, AhWei idolises CaiKangYong, only XiaoYu said “in the show, I can only be considered a flower pot, and only plays the guitar for the guests. However I personally admire HuGua’s hosting style.” 

New album to be young matured men

When asked about the new album which is due to be released in October, Lollipop said the style this time would be young, matured men, and the 4 of them have been building up and tanning themselves, hoping to be able to attract more people.

“Internal conflict” resulted in “Waterfight”

For the chance to get a glimpse of their idols, Lollipop’s fans waited at the pool, despite the hot Sun. The fan meet session started off with a dance, and when Lollipop appeared grandly on the stage, the fans immediately became very high. The boys firstly sang “I am Legend” and “ZongYiKa”. They kept calling out to fans to scream and waved to fans, letting the fans present feel very touched. Faced with the hot Sun, Lollipop used the hose and sprayed water at the fans, helping them cool down. And the 4 big boys were playful by nature, and quickly started a waterfight and chased each other with the water hoses on stage, causing a mini water fight. 

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    August 10, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    i wish t could c them in real life:(

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