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0814 AoQuan gives ZhangYunJing 90 marks

taken from nownews.com

ZhangYunJing had a fanmeet with 300 fans. Lollipop’s leader, AoQuan, was also present, and performed “YiQi” with her. It is also the first time the both of them performed the song together.

ZhangYunJing said “In an unfamiliar place, as long as I see a board saying “ZhangYunJing”, I’ll be really touched.” To prevent ZhangYunJing from crying, AoQuan immediately jokingly said “Those light boards are really expensive!”

 At the fanmeet, ZhangYunJing did her first dance. AoQuan gave 90 marks to her, and said “The remaining 10 marks, I’ll give it to you when you become a dancing queen!” He also said “There are a lot of people in Lollipop, the moment you dance wrongly, everyone would know. I know it’s not easy for a rocker to change into a singer who dances, so I used to hypnotize XiaoYu. When he’s sleeping, I’ll go to his ear and say “you dance really well!” And when he wakes up, he indeed has more confidence in his dancing.” 


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