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News Videos/Articles of WuKeQuDai Mini Concert

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source from hunantv

QiuShengYi and LiaoJunJie’s WuKeQuDai mini concert attracted many fans to watch. Their performance on stage gained them screams from fans off stage.

That night, many of WangZi and XiaoJie’s friends, including, HeiRen, FanWeiQi, MaoDi, and WeiYu, appeared to give them support. MaoDi and WeiYu even brought a cake to help XiaoJie celebrate his birthday and FanFan led the fans to sing Happy Birthday to XiaoJie.

In the post-concert party, WangZi and XiaoJie seemed exceptionally excited and did not care about how tired they were from the performance. They even fought over who should feed FanFan the cake. FanFan was really happy for them that she nearly teared, but after the two boys gave her their kisses, she immediately looked really happy, and even exposed Andy-ge’s instructions during the concert.



taken from the-sun

WangZi and XiaoJie held their WuKeQuDai mini concert yesterday night at StarHall. Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung and Leo Ku all sent flower baskests to them. The stage was in a T-shape, but the turn-out rate was only 70%. The two boys appeared in a  silver warrior look, and they completed 3 fast songs like WuKeQuDai at one go, with MaoDi and WeiYu dancing with them. After singing, XiaoJie said in Cantonese “I am A Legend Star!” After which, the 2 boys changed into a white suit. The concert merchandise sold also attracted many fans to purchase.



taken from on.cc

taken from nownews

WangZi and XiaoJie dragged along WeiYu and MaoDi to dance to Jolin’s MeiRenJi during their mini concert in HongKong. In terms of how girlyand seductive they were, they did not lose to HeiSeHuiMeiMeis HongShi and YuTu. FanFan also appeared as a special guest and sang with the two.

WangZi and XiaoJie started off the mini concert with their first single, WuKeQuDai; MaoDi and WeiYu appeared right at the start, displaying their dance moves, XiaoJie even revealed his arm muscles which he had been working on for quite some time.

WangZi, XiaoJie, MaoDi, and WeiYu wore a white skirt when doing Jolin’s MeiRenJi dance. Their twisting and dancing brought the mini concert to another high, and even HongShi and YuTu’s sexy air stewardess dressing did not look as sexy anymore.

When FanFan appeared, the fans were brought to a new high as FanFan sang “1 to 10 equals me and you” as well as “FanFanZhiBei” with the 2 boys.

XiaoJie who was also going to turn 24 celebrated an early birthday with his fans as well. As XiaoJie was overall in charge of the songs this time, he had been sleeping really little the past 2 months. He said that he would like to disappear for a while, and after he has rested and recharged, he would start working on the new album.

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