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News Clips of Lollipop X ZhangYunJing’s autograph session

There are some which mainly interview ZhangYunJing but I’ll just add them in as she did mention a little about Lollipop. I’ll post the fanvids and fancams tomorrow (:

ZhangYunJing and AoQuan only good friends, not lovers

Basically they interviewed her and asked her about her feelings of the fans in HongKong. They also tried to pair up AoQuan and ZhangYunJing but she said that they felt and looked more like good friends rather than lovers. Haha, I really would not be surprised if they got together though. They look so cute together x)

Lollipop 4-1

In this clip, Lollipop was being interviewed and they basically mentioned AhWei not being able to be present because of his sister’s wedding. (Congratz to AhWei’s sister!) And yeahh they also asked about WangZi and XiaoJie’s mini concert, in which they responded saying that they did wish them all the best on WeiBo and could not be present because they had other work to do that day. They also told fans to not worry because the 6 of them are still close. (Haha actually I am not really worried about them being un-close).

Lollipop looks for ZhangYunJing to meet numbers

This is quite similar to the above one, just that it includes ZhangYunJing’s clips in it too. I don’t really like how they reported it though, saying that Lollipop had to ask ZhangYunJing to come just because they did not have enough people and how they interpreted WeiLian’s statement, saying that he’s bothered by WangZi and XiaoJie leaving the other 4, when all he said was that “if ZhangYunJing were to join them (when AhWei is there), 4+1 might be greater than 6”.

Lollipop + ZhangYunJing autograph session

This is like the above 2. Haha, actually I think reporters can stop asking them about the whole 4+2 thing. I mean like it has been so long and fans are really not worried about whether they are still close because most of us trust that they will always be -.-  And I think it sorts of always messes up the main point of each of their events?

Lollipop+ZhangYunJing and Rainie Yang from Taiwan to HongKong 

This is just a report. No interviews and stuff, but the focus seems to be more on how Rainie Yang and Lollipop holding their autograph sessions together seem to be cornering Joey Yung.

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