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0912 KKBox YinYueHuLian

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Sorry I didn’t post this up yesterday because the videos couldn’t load properly again -.- So anyway, this time the hosts are WeiLian and XiaoYu and the guest is LalaHsu. XiaoYu and Lala were talking about composing and explaining to WeiLian like how each song is actually projected to something/someone. Then they sort of said that like each person has their unique characteristic of some sort and XiaoYu said that for Lollipop, it’s that they like to show their muscles and then WeiLian started acting kind of funny and Lala’s expression was really funny like “wth are you doing?!” Wow XiaoYu actually talked quite a lot this time like he was really engaged in the conversation with Lala. WeiLian was so cute when he was acting out this incident which Lala encountered in Japan.

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