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XiaoJie spends his birthday with fans

source from nownews and epochtime

It’s the first time since XiaoJie debuted 4 years ago that he held a birthday party with fans. His grandmother specially went to Taipei from Tainan, and pushed out a birthday cake.

XiaoJie made use of the two days where there was a typhoon to specially make 200 hand bands for the fans who went for the celebration. However, he forgetfully left them on the taxi he took when rushing down to the party. The celebration was hosted by RongJia, and XiaoJie sang JiaoHuanRiJi and DuiBuQi at the start of the party. He also sang a Japanese song for his Japan fans.

His 86 year old grandmother specially took the train down from Tainan to Taipei and pushed out the cake herself. XiaoJie’s eyes turned red as he held back tears. He said “Actually, I really feel like crying. But everyone knows that I came out from the show, and so I can still take it. So I won’t cry here, but when I reach home I’ll hide under my blanket and cry.”

MoFanBangBangTang has already ended for a bit more than 1 year. His grandmother wishes that XiaoJie would go act in FTV’s 2 dramas, Rookie’s diary and Night Market Life. She said “this way, I would be able to see XiaoJie everyday!” XiaoJie laughed and said “I do not mind acting. Hopefully the company would arrange a drama soon! If I’ve to shave, I’ll drag WangZi along!”

XiaoJie invited his good friend AhBao to choose 10 fans who are the most nicely dressed to go on stage. These fans were asked a series of questions and XiaoJie specially fed the birthday cake to the winner.

Shadya Lan also went to the party and sang “Secret” with XiaoJie. To match XiaoJie’s key, Shadya had to sing an octave higher than usual. Shadya jokingly said “it’s okay! I’ve got substance – accomodating idols is a must!”

At the end of the party, WangZi and MaoDi brought along their birthday gifts. The 2 gave XiaoJie the newest Gucci wallet, making XiaoJie really happy and he said “I’ve been using my current wallet for 3-4 years already. I’ve been waiting for someone to give me a new wallet!”

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  1. lollipoprocks
    September 26, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    his hair now reminds me of wang zi’s 🙂

    • Wangzifan4ever
      September 26, 2010 at 1:59 pm

      I think the colors the same but the style isnt

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