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1004 WangZi and MaoDi acts as love rivals

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WangZi and MaoDi are acting as love rivals in the upcoming show Death Girl. The two brothers are only one year apart and there isn’t any communication problems. However MaoDi had always been “suffering” under WangZi’s shadow. He had always been mistaken to be a “copycat”. WangZi says “He followed my footsteps in many things, and everyone thinks he does not have a stand of his own and is a copycat.” MaoDi responded saying “It’s because he always does it first and says it first, so I can only follow!” WangZi also told MaoDi “It’ll be hard for you to win me!”

In Death Girl, WangZi and MaoDi acts as schoolmates, but turned into rivals because they fell in love with the same girl. Outside the show, the kind of girls they like is quite different. WangZi likes girls who would listen to him whereas MaoDi says that the fiercer the girl is, the better. This is so that the girl would be able to control him. MaoDi also said that it is important for the girl to be filial and must not be too superficial. WangZi laughed saying that MaoDi was old-fashioned, and MaoDi replied, “The girls I like are like FanFan-jie’s type. You are saying she’s old-fashioned?” WangZi was speechless. WangZi often teaches MaoDi how to chase girls, but the girl would tend to end up liking WangZi instead. MaoDi sadly said, “If it’s like that I would give up, it’s okay! But if we are unsure about our relationship, the girl should avoid seeing WangZi!”

WangZi, on the other hand, always had a good affinity with girls. “I used to help my classmates with school work at McDonalds. It felt quite good as they came one after another.” WangZi described how his female classmates would queue up to ask him for help in math, and he would never reject any of them, but he only wanted to help them and never realised their felings for him. His female classmates even tattooed his name on her wrist. Although there were fans who did that too, their thoughts when they did it were different. WangZi feels that love should not be too extreme.

MaoDi used to think that their parents liked WangZi more. “When we were young, when WangZi doesn’t want to eat something, I’d definately end up eating it. When we do something wrong, I’m always the one getting scolded.” But WangZi actually loves MaoDi quite a lot, “When MaoDi was bullied in school, I would go and get back at the person for him.” The two brothers had a stronger relationship after entering the showbiz, and even at dangerous times, they think about each other. MaoDi said “there was once I was on a plane and there was really bad turbulence. I was thinking that it was great that WangZi was not on the same plane!” When WangZi watched TangShan Earthquake (the movie), he thought of MaoDi and said “I was thinking what if it was my family and me who were stuck in that situation, and then I started crying. It was the kind where I was making noise!”

Death Girl would be shown on 10/9 at 9pm. WangZi and MaoDi are the leads for this episode.

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  1. Wangzifan4ever
    October 8, 2010 at 3:06 am

    Oohhh…… How nice they care 4 each other lol when girls that maodi likes ended up liking Wang zi

  2. LOLLY
    October 8, 2010 at 5:36 am

    so sweet

  3. wangziBB
    October 8, 2010 at 11:18 am

    wang zi! i’ll listen to you 😉

  4. WangZi's Wifey
    October 11, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    omgg! Their relationship is so awesomee! haha, very different than how my relationship with my siblings are.. haha..
    awhh, Wang Zi<33

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