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1011 Lollipop introduces Taichung

uploaded by sisiemoon703 @youtube

Seems like Lollipop isn’t only the image people for Jeju Island. They’re promoting Taichung too! Here’s a clip of them promoting Taichung sand introducing some places which they think are must-gos. Of course, AhWei said that it’s a must to go to WeiLian’s fried chicken shop! Haha and XiaoYu asked people to go to this place where army men are training. Lol. And their spelling of Lollipop as Lallipop is O.O And AhWei looks like he grew taller! I wonder if this will be their image for the new album, but I don’t really like what XiaoYu is wearing.

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  1. mary
    October 12, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    Do not be mad if I say this but Wang Zi and Xiao Jie should still be with the other four instead of following Andy~With the 4 it is different but they still sound good and it gives a chance for Wei Lien and Ah Wei to sing more but still with the six it sounds the best~Now for Wang Zi and Xiao Jie I find they do not sound that great singing with only them 2 or with Mao Di and Wei Yu~they always sound so off beat~that is my opinion and of course I still support them

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