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Lollipop as Jeju Island’s tourism ambassador

taken from gold-typhoon, udn, libertytimes

Lollipop-F would be releasing their album in early November and the preorder would start or 20th October! To present a brand new image to fans, the four boys underwent a 200 days training to build up on their performance skills. During this period of time, they still received many job offers, and even endorsed the Yes,I Can tee shirt. They were also appointed as the tourism ambassador for Jeju Island, and went to Jeju Island for a 6days 5 night shooting job.

AoQuan said “We are really thankful for the opportunity which Jeju Island’s tourism board gave up. Jeju Island is a place where there are a lot of mountains, strong wind and a lot of women. In the past they mostly attracted the middle aged people. Now with our help, we hope to attract the younger generation. In this 6 days 5 nights, we visited 20 tourism spots. To capture the nicest pictures, we have been to the Teddy Bear Empire for 4 times!”

In conjunction with the theme for this season (Endless wonder in Jeju’s Autumn), Lollipop-F also went to Jeju Island’s protected area, and wore clothes which had a tinge of the characteristics of women wear. AoQuan said “When we look at it from on top, it really looks like a sports stadium. Along with the purple grass which you can only see in Jeju Island, and the romantic feeling it gives, I am sure this place would attract many young couples to come here to take their wedding photos!”

They also met many high school students from Korea, and many young girls pointed towards XiaoYu and screamed “He looks like Super Junior’s leader, LeeTeuk!” This  made XiaoYu really surprised. He said “In the past, it was the Taiwan, HongKong and China fans who would say this. This time, it’s the Korean girls, it really makes me feel like I really look like him!”

On the fifth day of the trip, it happened to be WeiLian’s 25th Birthday. Before dinner began that day, the director requested the 4 members to change into the Korean traditional costumes. The 3 boys were given guy clothings, but WeiLian was made to wear female clothes! WeiLian changed into the clothes as instructed, and the director actually requested that he did a solo dance. He even repeatedly called NG, making WeiLian really tired. At the end, when he saw the cake, he said “I knew today would not be an easy day. I was just playing along, it’s not that I’m tired!” However, his female attire caught the attention of a few aunties, who walked in and out just to catch a glimpse of him.

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  1. dae
    October 15, 2010 at 10:10 am

    Where I can pre order from singapore??

    • dreamerlorry
      October 15, 2010 at 10:36 am

      you can preorder from their official fanclubs but you’ll have to pay for the delivery charge, or you can order from blogshops (refer to previous post about their album for more information)
      i have been asking hmv to see if they accept preorders but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. i don’t think cd-rama would take preorders though. they usually dont. but you can try asking them

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