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1019 XiaoJie Shocked by Korean trainees

taken from udn

XiaoJie was the music director of the mini concert with WangZi, and he was really tired due to his huge workload. After the concert ended, Andy-ge rewarded him with a trip to Seoul. Throughout the 5days4nights trip, it was the food which left the greatest impact on XiaoJie. Every meal was really spicy he nearly could not take it, and only could happily eat when he found a non-spicy chicken soup at Myeong-dong.

XiaoJie, who had a change in style and had his hair dyed the Korean-style, immediately blended in. His favourite place is the Myeong-Dong church. XiaoJie started acting like he was in a Korean drama and said “If I take a photo here, and I tell everyone that I went to Europe, they’ll probably believe me, because it’s really beautiful!”

XiaoJie also visited Derrick Hoh who was in Seoul for about 1 month already. When Derrick saw XiaoJie, he immediately went up to him and said “I finally can speak Chinese!” Derrick also brought XiaoJie to take a look at their dance studio. There were many trainees (people who were preparing to become artistes) from various management companies. XiaoJie observed them for one night and was really impressed by them, saying “All of them are so hardworking and their eyes revealed how much they wanted to succeed. When I return to Taiwan, I’ll have to become even more hardworking and put up a good fight!”

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  1. lollipop-S
    October 19, 2010 at 4:19 am

    ooh…hope he met the other 4 on his trip to korea 😀

    • dreamerlorry
      October 19, 2010 at 4:31 am

      haha! dont think he did…they were in jeju and he was in seoul! and i think they only went after he went back to taiwan x)

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