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1021 Lollipop-F in secret training for 200 days

taken from Gold-Typhoon

Gold-typhoon organized an contract signing press conference for Lollipop-F on 21st October. Lollipop-F’s super senior Show Luo also specially appeared and presented them with a hat, tie, belt and cologne.

Show Luo said “The hat is for AoQuan. As the leader of Lollipop-F, I hope that he would have greater wisdom and would be in his best state at all times, and become more matured! As for the tie, I hope that XiaoYu can use his Rocker charisma to gather fans’ hearts; the belt is so that AhWei can maintain his good body; and for the cologne it is for WeiLian and I hope he would become more matured and would be able to spread the “smell of a confident man”, and at the same time, remove the smell of fried chicken on him!” Gold-typhoon also announced that Lollipop-F’s new album, SiDuKongJian, would be released in the whole of Asia on 6th November. They said “We have confidence in the four boys who have grown from Lollipop BangBangTang to Lollipop-F. Since April, they have been in closure for 100 days and underwent intense training for 200 days to improve their performance skills. They have indeed presented us with something different today!”

In the 200 days of intense training, Lollipop-F’s 4 members continuously received invites for performances as a group or individual, earing NT 1million for the company! Hence, they specially organised this press conference to announce to the world that AoQuan, AhWei, XiaoYu and WeiLian are starting a new segment of their careers with Gold-Typhoon! Gold-Typhoon also expressed “Lollipop-F is the first artiste in Taiwan who has their full management contract with Gold-Typhoon, we hope that they would have a good album sales for SiDuKongJian!”

During Lollipop-F’s Solo items, they also subtly revealed their muscles. AoQuan said, “To keep fit, we were hungry almost every night! The female staff in the company would joke with us and say “Everyone’s business line (chest) is already so perfect, you can release your album already!” As the Typhoon Megi is having a great impact on Taiwan, Lollipop-F and Gold-typhoon decided to cancel their autograph session on 23rd October in Taichung and Hsinchu, pushing it back to a later date. As for the Taipei session on 24th, it would have to depend on the Typhoon’s influence and fans should check Gold-Typhoon’s website for updates.

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