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1021 Video Updates

1021 Lollipop-F Album Release Press Conference

The video is REALLY lag so watch at own risk! Haha but it was quite interesting ((: I loved their solo performances right at the beginning (: I am not sure how long this video would be up there for so watch it quick (:

Here is the VCR they showed during the press conference. Really impressed!

And for those who don’t want to watch the whole conference, you can choose to watch this instead: Solo performance New song performance

1019 XunMengYuan Interview (with image)
(only sound)

The quality isn’t very good but that’s about the only video I could find on this so yeah. But the one with only the sound and without image is clearer (:

1020 YLBFB Interview

This is an interview of them in Jeju Island. They are so awesomely cute 😀 Haha I loved the one at the maze where XiaoYu was so confident of his strategy x)

1020 Interview at HitFM

Here it is! The interview they had with HitFM before their song was played 😀

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