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1025 Lollipop-F shows their backflip, unafraid of wet floor

taken from Gold-typhoon, chinatimes, libertytimes

Lollipop-F held their preorder autograph session yesterday (24th october) at XiMenDing. Sindy, overall in charge of the image promotion of Jeju Island, appeared at the autograph session. She brought along a “stone grandfather” from Jeju Island as well as Cactus lotion as gifts for Lollipop-F. Sindy gave her well wishes and hoped that the boys would help to bring in more than 10000 visitors to Jeju Island, and more than 2 billion dollars worth of income.

Lollipop-F was really grateful for Jeju Island’s support, and XiaoYu expressed “Jeju Island is really a food haven! Although I ate kimchi everyday and I had a stomach upset the first two days because I wasn’t accustomed to the food, but when I went back to Taiwan, I actually put on 3kg!” AoQuan also said “Jeju Island not only invited us to take on the role as the ambassador, they even gave us advertisements on the public buses in Taipei! When our fans are having the winter break, maybe there will be a chance for them to tour Jeju Island with Lollipop-F!”

Although it rained heavily before the autograph session started, and only stopped when it officially started, AoQuan, AhWei and WeiLian still performed their backflip on stage. This caused more than 2000 fans who were present to be really impressed! Lollipop-F would be releasing their album on 6th November, and their preorder started on 20th October. They each have a colour to represent themselves: Black for AoQuan, blue for AhWei, Red for XiaoYu and Yellow for WeiLian.

AoQuan said “For this album, even XiaoYu who had been more of a singer-composer went all out.” XiaoYu explained that he had dislocated his thumb practicing for the backflip. When he went to the doctor and the doctor tried to help him relocate it, it was really painful but he didn’t really dare to scream because he wanted to keep his image.

In the past, AoQuan and XiaoYu took on the role of cross-dressing. Now, WeiLian looks like he’s more suitable, especially with his new hairstyle. When asked how it felt like without WangZi and XiaoJie, AoQuan said “It feels like we’ve lost something really important. But we’ll work even harder and all of us will improve together!” WangZi and XiaoJie also phoned them to wish them all the best.

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