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1030 Fanvids of XiaoYu guest appearance at ShiYuanJie’s music showcase

XiaoYu performing Rock Song (From YuGuoJi)

From yuxwoohoo75

Celebrating ShiYuanJie’s birthday
Singing FenShouLi
Singing FangKong
Singing System of a Down’s Question
AhWei and WeiLian on Stage + Ending

XiaoYu and ShiYuanJie are really really good friends and they both like Rock music. They had performed together before during their 126 XiaoJuDan concert for those who were wondering. AhWei and WeiLian went to watch too and they said that it has been long since RockerYu appeared and XiaoYu was really really happy! They also helped to celebrate ShiYuanJie’s birthday. They also performed Lollipop-F’s new song, FangKong, and XiaoYu wrote the melody of the song (: It was really cute ’cause ShiYuanJie was like “This song, the lyrics are really great” and then XiaoYu went “I didn’t write the lyrics. Haha I wrote the melody.” And then ShiYuanJie went “Wow! Haha the melody is even better!” I really enjoyed listening to XiaoYu sing 😀 And it’s really really great seeing XiaoYu be himself all over again. I feel so happy for him! He’s like so free and happy (: At the ending when they got WeiLian and AhWei to go on stage, it was really cute how XiaoYu went “You got your hair done and make-up on, why are you shy!” and AhWei went like “XiaoYu, when you come back don’t sing like that! You can sing like that here it’s okay!” and WeiLian was like “XiaoYu, time to go home!” 😀

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