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1031 AoQuan’s big ears draws in fortune

taken from libertytimes

AoQuan is often teased by his fellow Lollipop-F members because of his big ears. He couldn’t help but defend himself, saying, “when i was young, the sister in the temple told me I was the descendant of the big-eared person around Goddess MaZu.” In the end, XiaoYu, AhWei and WeiLian became even more playful, touching his ear every now and then, saying that they hope to become more lucky.

Recently, the four boys have been busy with their album promotion. Before their autograph session at Taichung yesterday, they were catching up on their sleep on the car. They had no time to warm up before the event started, and the AhWei, WeiLian and XiaoYu immediately went “Let’s all touch AoQuan’s ear and hope we will be safe, if not it will be really scary if we just do our backflip like that”

Yesterday was also AoQuan’s 28th birthday, and his parents specially went to the autograph session to show their support. AoQuan’s father was asked to go on stage and he shyly said “luckily I wore a suit, if not I really would not know how to face the public.”

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  1. aoquan~!
    November 1, 2010 at 2:35 am

    lol! can i touch his ears too so that i’ll be lucky 😀 his mom and dad so sweet 🙂

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