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1105 Lollipop-F’s interview

The boys had an interview with ent.163. You can watch the video here but I guess I will just type out whatever they asked/said for those who can’t understand Chinese. (Just click “more” for the entire interview) And there is only 3 of them because AhWei went to China to film a movie! (can’t wait!)

Here’s just a short summary of their interview:

During the interview, the boys said that the main reason as to why they started working out was because they hope to attract older fans. In the past, it was more of young boys and girls who were their fans. They hope that they can expand their fan group to more matured men and women. As the Taiwan ambassador for Jeju Island, the boys also went to Korea to film their MV. WeiLian’s birthday happened to fall on the trip, and he was forced to wear the female traditional costume. In Jeju island, Lollipop-F also met many young students, and XiaoYu was mistaken for SuperJunior’s LeeTeuk. However XiaoYu thinks that he doesn’t look like LeeTeuk.  AoQuan was spotted by the grandma selling food, and not only did she let him eat Tempura for free, she also looked at him differently. As to what they wish to do in the future, XiaoYu said that he would like to go to a pub to sing, to improve his stage performance and reaction skills. WeiLian and AoQuan would like to go into acting. As for AhWei, the other 3 members thought that he should continue building up.

A:AoQuan Y:XiaoYu W:WeiLian
Q: Why is the name changed to LollipopF? Is there any special meaning?
A: Actually Lollipop is the original Lollipop BangBangTang. I believe that everyone already know that this time, we specially added a F as we are starting all over again. It represents the theme for our album, four dimension. Of course, it has other meanings, and represents the four of us.
Y: There is a lot of room for imagination actually. For example, I am Fabien, so I am the centre of the group!
A: It can also be Funny, because our group is a really funny group.
W: It can also be forever. Lollipop Forever.

Q: You purposely included English into it, is it because you are preparing to go into the international market?

A: Actually, we don’t think that we are international just because we used English. It is more because we want to focus on the main point and I think it sounds quite good together.
Y: I think the focus is that we want our music to be international.

Q: What is the main style of this album?

Y: This time there are various kinds of music style, AoQuan and I have tried out different styles and did some research too.
A:We were really good boys that period of time. We sat in front of the computer everyday editing the music. It was unlike previously where we just hummed the melody to the company.
Y: If there must really be a style, it will be “AoYu” style! You must listen to this album carefully. The both of us really had our style.
W: If I was just another person listening to the album, after listening to the whole album, I have to say that I’d be able to listen to this album for quite some time without getting bored.
A: The company wanted us to make this album one that can last. Other than the hit songs, you should also listen to the other songs. They are really quite nice to listen to.

Q: Can you introduce your favourite song in the album? Why?

Y: I really must recommend this song – BuYaoJiuBuYao. AoQuan and I wrote the melody, and the lyrics are by a female rocker in Taiwan by the name of “ZhaoZhiBi”. At that time when I wrote it, I started off with the idea that it is a rock song for the four of us. It has a little of punk in it. Each of us have one line it, and it sounds like we are shouting out to each other. We also tried out our high notes. If this isn’t one of the hit songs, I really would feel that it’s a pity.
A: I would recommend the first hit song – SiDuKongJian. This song was also by XiaoYu and me. We spent quite a lot of time on this song. Its arrangement was quite complicated, including its melody and structure. I feel that this is quite a hard dance hit. We made use of the current trend. For example, usually after the verse we’ll go into the chorus, but we added in a Hook in between. It’s like a melody which will capture your attention. I would also want to recommend the dance to all of you. We’ll demonstrate it now. We got a very famous dance teacher from Japan to help us choreograph this dance. He had helped DBSK, SMAP, Koda Kumi to choreograph their dance before.
W:Since AhWei isn’t here, I must help him recommend “ZuiJiaNanPeiJiao”. AhWei had quite a bit of trouble on this road of composing. Because he has problems with his pitch, everytime he sings a song it’ll sound quite different. Actually, there are more than 10 versions of this song, and AoQuan and XiaoYu had to help him quite a bit to get his ideal version of the song.
A: Indeed it was quite difficult for him, because we kept tripping him. We would first trip him, and then after that help to cushion his fall. Because he has a very strong view and thinks that what he sings is correct. But what I want to say is “AhWei, the world of music is really very wide. The 3 of us are your best teammates.”
Y: I am not trying to put in a good word for AhWei or anything. This time he composed not only this song. He composed a few others but the company chose this song. But because of this song, his pitch improved a lot. Now when he sings, he can start to put emotions and there are loud and soft voices.

Q: In this new album, there is rock. Have you ever thought of performing as a rock band?

Y: I really want to! When I was writing the song I often imagined myself wearing a leather jacket, leather pants, and a lot of rocker accessories. Everyone would be super rock.
A: Because we are more of a dance group, if we were to get all the musical equipment up, it’ll be a little troublesome, and it would not be easy if we were to go out to perform. But I think we could leave this to our concert.
W: Our number of rock songs are slowly building up. From light rock in the past to slightly heavier rock now, I think it’s really cool!

Q: I heard that in this album you all composed 7 songs. What kind of difficulties did you face along the way?

Y: We faced many difficulties. Because composing is a very subjective thing, so there is a high possibility of being rejected by the company. We could have written 10 different versions of the lyrics but not a single one is used. The same applies to the melody. We can think that it is very nice but the company would tell you that the market will not accept this kind of songs. We would feel very demoralised. When I get rejected I would feel really upset and AoQuan would come and console me. We were really under a lot of stress.
A: For me, the most upsetting would be the song “XiHaRenSheng” (hiphop life) We really really loved that song, and the original lyrics were written by us. The company also liked it quite a bit. However just before we started the recording, the lyrics changed. I could not control my emotions and immediately called the company and asked why. They said it was because we were singing pop songs, and the decision was made after considering the entire market.
Y: I think that our songs previously were more positive. This time, there are some negative elements to it. We can use a different kind of method to encourage others. This album is our alternative method.

Q: For the songs that were rejected, is there a possibility of it being recollected for another album?

Y: Just the 3 of us there are already 20+ songs that were rejected.
A: That period of time was really quite terrible. Now we have a lot of songs that do not have lyrics. We just randomly hummed a song and used random language, or even alien language. In fact, XiaoYu and I considered bringing those songs together and release an alien album, but we were just afraid people didn’t understand.
Y: Actually, if they don’t understand, it’s even better! They can imagine! Although I feel it’s a pity that those songs were rejected, I have a dream that I would be able to sing those songs in a pub in the future. The feeling of singing in a pub is very different from any other stage.

Q: Previously you had special training for 200 days, what was the main focus? Did anything interesting happen?

W: It’s just very basic things which you would find very repetitive – singing, dancing, building up etc. Every morning you wake up at 9a.m to eat breakfast, reach the gym at 10, and the gym is not air-conditioned so everyone’s really perspiring a lot. After lunch you would practice your flipping, and then go into the recording studio and after which the dance studio.
Y: Basically, we repeated it for 200 days.
W: Maybe it sounds alright, but when you do it, you really won’t even have the mood to dream at night. You would feel really empty and irritated. The four of us felt very lost and kept giving each other encouragement.

Q: Why would you feel lost?

W:Because we were afraid the album would not have good sales. That time there was no crazy dance, we haven’t started SiDuKongJian’s recording, everything was still unknown.”

Q: During these 200 days, how did you get rid of that mood?

A: When we have nothing to do, we play electronic games.
W: Basically, the two of them locked themselves in a room to do their music.
A:We felt that we would not be bored when we do music. Maybe we would be during the process, but after we completed it it feels really great.

Q: What about the MV? Where did you go to film it?

A: SiDuKongJian was filmed in Taiwan. We got a renowned director, LaiWeiKang, to help us film the MV. There is not much complictaed things in the MV. We used the least complicated background to dance a really complicated, and difficult dance.
W: We took two days for this MV. Because the first time we were not happy with it, so we requested that we had a second try.
Y: We also filmed 2 MVs in Jeju island, one is “JinTianShiHoliday”, and the second is “ZuiJiaNanPeiJiao”.

Q: During the media conference of your contract signing, all of you revealed your muscles. What’s the main purpose?

A: It is mainly because the company wishes that we would bring up the average age of our fans, and open up the market.

Q: In the MV, how much did you reveal?

W: Actually the MV was not bad, there were some actions which required much strength and our muscles could be seen. Actually when we were composing there was already a lot of image, just that we added it to our dance, and presented another kind of visual image.

Q: When working out, what was the main exercise? Are there any interesting happenings? Any tips to share?

A: Usually I work out from 10 am to about noon, WeiLian and AhWei had to do more aerobic exercise as they had more “meat”. I had to build up on my protein level. Everyday we would work out for 3,4 hours, after which we still had to go and practice our backflips. It was really tiring.
Y:If you went to the gym alone, you would not know how much to do. However if you went with someone you would tend to do more. For example, if I did the dumbbell for 20 times, AoQuan would say he would do 21. It’s a kind of mutual encouragement.
A: Initially we had groupings. AhWei and WeiLian were the stronger group, XiaoYu and I were the weaker ones. But as the days went past, XiaoYu and I also became strong.
W: I think that working out needs a kind of determination and is a continuous process. You must spend at least 2 to 3 times a week, and need to be build up over a long time.
A: Perhaps everyone is still not used to our change, but don’t worry, we would not be too exaggerated. We only have to worry about AhWei. He always thinks that he has slimmed down but his chest is still so big.

Q: AhWei has been working out from a long time ago. When in the gym ,would he purposely show off his body?

A: When practicing, I really do not know what he is trying to prove. The instructor obviously asked him to do 50kg worth of weights, he would purposely add another 20.
W: I also do not understand why. Perhaps he feels a sense of satisfaction.
A:Actually AhWei is already fine, he needs to grow elsewhere!
W:Actually there is a blind spot in the way he works out. He would keep thinking his chest is not big enough or his abs are not obvious enough.

Q: Earlier, you went to Jeju Island for photoshoot. Did you have any free activities?

Y: I brought some money to the casino there. I lost about 100-200 NTD. But I do not encourage people to go there to gamble. Gambling is not a good habit!
W: The nature is really great.
A: It was quite special, it felt like “DaChangJin”

Q: Did you have any special encounters there?

W: Oh, this question is really for XiaoYu.
Y: Me? (WeiLian reminds him) Oh yes it was actually quite awkward. Like we were filming the MV, and then this group of students happened to be having an excursion. So then they thought I looked like SuperJunior’s Leeteuk. Actually, even before we went I already heard that I look like him. Actually…umm…I don’t want to offend the fans there…umm I think i don’t really look like him. It’s just from certain angles. But they felt that I really looked like him. I thought only Taiwan fans thought that way. But I was pretty awkward and so I just smiled.
A: After that there were some reports saying that XiaoYu thought that he himself looked like Leeteuk. I need to help him clarify. It was like initially they thought that he looked like Leeteuk and we were just all having fun and playing around. But after a while, they started calling us “Lollipop”. They started to recognise us already!
W: There was once we were going to eat and there was this tourist who saw me. Perhaps it was because of my curly hair, she went “wow, so handsome!”
W:It’s real! I’m not lying!
A:Were we with you?
W:You guys already left! I was about 4 steps away from you all! No I did not stop to say anything because I was really hungry at that time. I was in a rush to go eat.
A:Mine was not a young person. You remember we were at that farm? That grandma there kept looking at me like she wanted me to be her son. Like she really likes me and she wants to treat me to Tempura.

Q: Did you exchange contact details with the female lead of the MV?

A: I think…she’s great but there’s a communication barrier. If I learn Korean it’ll be not bad.
Y:Actually we had some interaction with the female lead. For AhWei’s MV. Although she isn’t our female lead, but there was still some interaction. Actually, she’s very shy.
W: Because she looks like she’s 15, I was a bit shy. She’s more like a sister so yeahh.
A: She calls us oppa!

Q: I heard WeiLian wore female traditional clothes? How did it feel?

W: Oh. Haha I was being tricked! Just happens it was my birthday and so they made me wear that. Actually, female clothes, haha I think I am getting used to it. But when I first wore it I kept asking “are you sure this is for guys?” and they kept telling me that it is for guys. Then I was like “oh okay” and then i wore it and thought it was quite interesting.
Y:When WeiLian changed into this I was like “huh I have to wear this too?” and then WeiLian told me that it was for guys. I also got tricked for a moment, but luckily I didn’t have to wear that.
W: Because I didn’t dare to question other people’s traditions.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

Y: Actually,  I think for the future, luck plays a very important part. For me, I’d still like to focus on music. If possible I would like to sing at a pub. I think this experience is very rare and will help me to improve really fast. It’s a practical experience.

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