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1105 WeiLian a “water dragon”, XiaoYu nearly fainted

taken from nownews

Along with the preorder of Lollipop-F’s new album, there is a free gift of the 32 page pictorial book. With the Jump! version comes the pictorial book of them in the water, and the Man’s version are pictures in Jeju island. When in the water, XiaoYu nearly fainted due to his fear of the water, and on the other hand, WeiLian was given the title of “Water Dragon”.

Lollipop-F’s specially went to HongKong and Korea to capture pictures for their pictorial. In the Jump! pictorial book, to capture a perfect picture which would not have to rely on photo-editing technology, the boys had a 5kg brick tied to them, and they went underwater to a 3m deep pool.

As AoQuan and AhWei had dance background, they could easily do their poses. WeiLian who had studied Physical Education related courses was even given the title “Water Dragon”. He confidently said “taking photos in the water is my forte! It doesn’t even feel like I am doing work, it’s really fun!” After he went into the water, he didn’t even feel like going back up, making XiaoYu who is really scared of water jealous.

XiaoYu revealed that he was really scared of water. On the day of filming, they had to be in water for up to 24 hours. He was really afraid and even thought of giving up. “I couldn’t get the hang of how to make use of the oxygen tank, every time I tried to take in air, I ended up choking on water. On top of that I had to keep my eyes open in the 3,4 m deep water. The water pressure was obviously very large but I still had to give a very handsome pose. I nearly fainted in the water. It’s the determination and thought that I didn’t want to lose that kept me going till the last moment.”

So as to not waste the efforts of the people, XiaoYu overcame his phobia and completed a “very scary” job. Their photoshoot lasted the whole day. After their last set of photos, they were really exhausted and their 8 eyes were really swollen. Their new album “SiDuKongJian” would be released on the 6th.

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  1. lollipop
    November 5, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    The last pics were totally cool!!! underwater!! ❤

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