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1113 WQYL

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They played arm wrestling – and of course, AhWei won. After that they played this game where one person was supposed to guess a word, and the other describes it in TaiYu. Hahaha XiaoYu’s TaiYu is really lousy it’s so funny! And when AoQuan and AhWei won and they were about to receive their prize, RenFu said “So our winner is WangZi!” and I was so stunned! Haha I think the boys felt quite awkward at that moment – especially AoQuan. At the end of the show when they were talking about their album and the furry clothings they wore on the cover of the regular edition, RenFu asked again “so previously it was too hot, what do you all think?” and AoQuan’s immediate reaction was “ohh no time!” and he tried to walk away. Haha these boys are so cute and I think RenFu is one of the few hosts who would cause them to not know how to react.

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  1. love6
    November 14, 2010 at 4:33 am

    wang zi…<3

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