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1119 YinHeMianDuiMian

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I have to say, this has been my favourite interview ever since they appeared as Lollipop F. They talked about their composing and like what they have been doing the previous few months. XiaoYu also described exactly how he got injured. AhWei also sang a line from the original version of ZuiJiaNanPeiJiao. XiaoYu also sang a line BuYaoJiuBuYao and FangKong (: They also talked about their plans for the future, and AoQuan said that he wants to release a sketchbook. (I really want to see it!) The host then asked mentioned XiaoGui and DaDong (from Fahrenheit) and I was wondering what would happen if all 3 of them went on a show together and just did some drawings – it’d be pretty cool.

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  1. 4bbt
    November 20, 2010 at 6:21 am

    ah wei’s singing gets better and better 🙂

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