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1127 Difficult for Lollipop F to love

Alright, I know it has been long since I last did a news article or something like that. Haha, I guess I was just being kind of lazy, and there hasn’t been anything much interesting – mostly talking about their new album and stuff. I guess I’ll just do this interview (:

taken from orientaldaily

Lollipop 6 becomes 4!

AoQuan: Of course we’ll be unhappy when the group split. Since everyone’s direction is different, and our aims are different, the area where we need to work on is different. It is really a pity we cannot work together anymore.

AhWei: Yeah, actually I think there is no right or wrong to this decision. Whether it is the 4 of us, or Wangzi and XiaoJie, everyone’s doing well, and it’s an honour to be a member of Lollipop!

WeiLian: Regarding this issue, actually the 6 of us have come to a common conclusion, just that we did not realise that the reaction from our fans would be that drastic. Of course, the party that gets attacked would be unhappy. At the end, when the fans started to slowly accept the fact, they also apologised to us.

XiaoYu: The 6 of us from Lollipop were selected from the show. The 6 of us had been admired and also criticized, and also we had been to XiaoJuDan, HongKan together. All these memories belong to the 6 of us, and I believe the fans and us would never forget it.

XiaoYu becomes a boss!

AhWei: Right now the 4 of us have a common ideology, to spread the Lollipop F spirit. Of course there are times when we have our individual activities, just like Fahrenheit and F4, where everyone has their own pet area. AoQuan is acting in idol dramas and movies, and we are working hard too.

AoQuan: Right now I am filming Giddens’s movie. Acting is actually quite interesting. I know AhWei is learning martial arts from a master in HongKong, and he’s going to be a martial arts star soon!

WeiLian: While idol dramas and movies are a good exposure, but when AoQuan was filming, we also had a few commercial events and he totally didn’t take part. As to who earned more, we’re really not sure!

AoQuan: I hope the next time I accept a role, I can avoid the golden period where there are a lot of commercial activities.

XiaoYu: Everyone has different job opportunities, like WeiLian and I have a second career. Next year in January, I will be opening a hair salon in XiMenDing, and I hope that it would become XiMenDing’s landmark.

WeiLian: Wow, Boss Yang!

XiaoYu: This is an investment with a friend. He had always been good at hair styling from young, and so I just invest some money in it.

AhWei: Do you want to look for us to endorse it?

XiaoYu: Sure! But there will be no pay, at the most I’d let you have your hair cut 2-3 times.

WeiLian: That’s so stingy! I treated you guys to my fried chicken a few times! It’s lucky that the business is not too bad, and that people like it!

XiaoYu: I hope I can perform at a pub next year. The previous time I did a performance with my friend, ShiYuanJie. It was really nice, and it is totally different from a concert!

Wow! AoQuan going to HongKong to get married?

AhWei: See, we’re so busy. It’d really be hard for us to commit to a relationship.

AoQuan: There are good and bad to being our girlfriends. The good part is that we’d definitely make her happy. The bad is that we would not have time to be with her, so the previous rumours are all fake!

XiaoYu: Actually, when we have female friends appearing around us, we might try to see if we can go on to something more than friends. However, we would very soon reach the period of promotion where we fly everywhere, and those feelings would just disappear after some time.

WeiLian: You are referring to….the one who got caught in pictures…XiaoMan?

XiaoYu: No! XiaoMan and I were never together, it was just a period of mutual admiration. At that time, Andy-ge did check on the status, but he did not stop us. It was just that after we were caught on photos we thought that perhaps it would be better if we were not together, and so we immediately pressed the brake!

AhWei: Let me say something explosive. The rumour-king AoQuan would come to HongKong to get married at age 32!

AoQuan: Can you clarify it! It’s because my mum was anxious about my marriage, and the fortune teller said that I’d meet my partner at age 32 in HongKong!

AhWei: So everytime AoQuan comes to HongKong, he wouldn’t be able to concentrate and instead looks around to see if his special one is around.

WeiLian: We are just like any normal person and would anticipate a relationship. We hope that we can achieve a balance between work and love!

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  1. cindy
    November 27, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    hope ao quan will meet his mystery girl…haha……

  2. ilovelollipopf
    November 28, 2010 at 1:58 am

    so sweet…i’ll also never forget the past memories

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