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1220 XiaoXun appears at LollipopF’s autograph session

taken from yahoo

Lollipop F held the autograph session for their new edition of SiDuKongJian. Ex-member of Hey Girl, XiaoXun, specially appeared and gave them a scarf, and she used the scarf to wrap around the four members of Lollipop F. The purpose of the scarf was to wish that they would be able to quickly get into a relationship, especially since their relationship ban has been lifted. XiaoXun  also revealed that she likes boys who are handsome, and if she has to choose, she would choose AoQuan to be her boyfriend.

Lollipop F had just received the “best singing boyband” and “most popular overseas band award” from the recent “Yahoo buzz search awards”. Since they released their album on 6th November, they already held 20 autograph sessions in and out of Taiwan. Yesterday, they were told to give a surprise to the 50000th fan which had queued up to get the album signed. This lucky fan turned out to be their good friend, XiaoXun.

XiaoXun said that although she was in the same company as Lollipop F previously, they had not even exchanged phone numbers. When talking about the changes in the boys, XiaoXun said, “last time they were still small boys, but now all of them have become so man, and they are much more handsome than before.” After seeking approval from fans, the 4 members kissed XiaoXun.

When talking about WeiLian, XiaoXun said that he’s very matured and stable, and very suitable to be a father, but WeiLian immediately responded saying “who wants to be your father!” XiaoXun also finds that AhWei’s change in appearance is the most, and that his face has more shape now.

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  1. Jennifer
    December 20, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    LOL at wei lan’s comment, i find that so cute! ^^
    and i would aslo pick ao quan as my bf as well! ❤

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