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0115 Lollipop F and JPM teased about being husband and wife

taken from mangogo

Lollipop and DBSK have both been split into 2 different groups because of contractual problems. Although they are all still good friends, competition is still inevitable.

XiaoJie and WangZi have formed a new group, JPM, with MaoDi, and they have said that they want the title of Asia’s first singing+dancing group. Lollipop F said they were unafraid, and humbly said “there are many groups around, and the competition is great. We’ll take other groups as our model and continue learning and improving.” When leader AoQuan talked about WangZi and XiaoJie, he said “sometimes when I’m sleeping, I’ll still dream of when the 6 of us were on the stage of HongKan. The memories were really beautiful, but when I wake up I’ll think, why did I dream about it again”. AoQuan expressed the 6 of them would still regularly meet. Because they still have a dog, the media teased them that they were like divorced husband and wife. With regards to Andy-ge who had brought them up, the 4 boys expressed gratitude. However they also said that what has past has past and there’s no point talking about it again.

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