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0122 中国爱大歌会

Watch here

I haven’t been able to find an Youtube version for this so make do with it for now (: The video quality is quite terrible though. They started off with SiDuKongJian of course. They tried speaking with the SiChuan accent it was pretty funny! They had to answer a few questions, and the question AhWei got was “What do you want to say to WangZi and XiaoJie?” Of course he gave a very safe answer and he wished that their ShangHai music showcase would be successful! (: WeiLian added that XiaoJie owed him money from playing cards the last time! AoQuan chose a question asking about AhWei and YaTou! They also sang JinTianShiHoliday and ZuiJiaNanPeiJiao (: But I’ve no idea why the video was cut in the middle of ZuiJiaNanPeiJiao ): They also sang FangKong and BuYaoJiuBuYao! 😀 It’s their first time singing those songs live right! 😀 It has been long since XiaoYu sang JiaoHuanRiJi alone! He still sounds awesome! 😀 After they showed the compilation VCR of Lollipop, AoQuan talked a bit about WangZi and XiaoJie and said that he still treats everyone as his best brothers!  It was really sweet of him! They also invited a fan who had cancer, and had undergone treatment after 4bang’s encouragement

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  1. Lollypop
    January 24, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Lollipop-F is on YLBFB today 🙂 It is really funny!

  2. amethyst
    January 24, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    this is the full version where their song wasn’t cut.. video quality not as good too though ~

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